Amazon Continues to Crack Down on Fake Reviews, Sellers May Suffer Consequences

Recently, Amazon has been working to solve the problem of fake reviews on its platform.

Whether they are fabricated, biased, or fail to accurately reflect customer experiences or opinions, fake reviews can cause problems for both consumers who rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions and sellers who rely on positive reviews to boost sales and rankings, as well as secure coveted spots in customers’ shopping carts.

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In this context, Amazon has filed a lawsuit against, a well-known fake review website, accusing it of violating Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act and engaging in unfair competition.

According to Amazon, the website not only deceives consumers but also harms the Amazon platform and its valued partners – third-party sellers.

As Amazon claims, NicedisCount is a “product tester club” that provides users with monetary compensation in exchange for leaving fake reviews and other false content on Amazon through product purchase rebates.

What is particularly alarming is that the website circumvented Amazon’s fake review protection mechanism – “verified purchase reviews”. On Amazon, reviewers can only post reviews for products they have purchased and used, and Amazon verifies purchases to ensure authenticity.

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Amazon alleges that unidentified Amazon sellers will list their products on NicedisCount’s website and promote them through the website. If someone places an order and leaves a review, the seller will pay the reviewer directly through PayPal.

If the reviewer writes a negative review, the buyer will ask the reviewer to change it to a positive review, or else they will not be paid.

Although the website has been shut down, Amazon warns that those behind it may continue to operate similar websites. Prior to this, Amazon had already filed a lawsuit against a Facebook group with over 10,000 members that specializes in posting fake reviews on Amazon.

As Amazon continues to crack down on fake reviews on its platform, businesses and brands selling on Amazon must remain vigilant and constantly monitor their listings for content that may infringe on intellectual property rights.

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