Express Delivery Services


Partnerships with Leading Couriers: We partner with leading international couriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx to provide safe, efficient and fast transportation services to over 200 countries and regions worldwide at highly discounted rates. Our partnerships are trustworthy enough to to ensure quick delivery of your goods.

Normal Pickup Time: We strive to complete pickup within normal time, usually on the same day of the arrival of goods or on the next day. We endeavor to minimize delays in warehousing, flight booking, customs inspection, etc., to ensure on-time delivery to destination (except for the force majeure).

Global Coverage: Our delivery network spans the globe, providing extensive courier services worldwide. Our service attitude is excellent and our tracking websites update information timely, enabling customers to check shipment status anytime and offering fast, accessible and reliable services.

Preferential Discounts: Shipping international parcels through us, customers enjoy more discounts compared to the post office. Our deep partnerships with couriers secure preferential pricing for customers, ensuring deliveries of high cost-effectiveness.


Global Delivery Capabilities: Our international courier services cover over 200 countries globally. No matter where your goods need to be shipped, we provide reliable transportation. We excel in personal effects customs clearance, ensuring smooth customs passage.

Fast Operation, Attentive Service: Our team respond to your requests swiftly, enabling lightning-fast shipments to ensure timely dispatch of your goods. We serve customers attentively, fulfilling all reasonable demands. With extensive channels, our pricing is cost-effective, providing comprehensive courier services. Meanwhile, we enable shipment tracking at all times and handle customer inquiries and issues promptly.

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