International Rail Transportation Services

International Rail Transportation to Central Asian Countries: We provide international rail transportation services from China to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. For both FCL and LCL shipments, we offer optimal transportation solutions to ensure safe and efficient delivery of cargo to destinations.

Transit Transportation via Central Asian Countries: We also provide third country transit transportation services via railway through China and Central Asian countries. With our extensive domestic and international networks and expertise, we provide reliable wagon plans, wagon supplies and LCL transportation solutions for smooth cross-border freight transportation.

Rail Transportation from China to Russia and Europe: We offer rail transportation services from China to Russia and Europe. With rich experience and comprehensive networks, we provide the most cost-effective routes and premium services to ensure safe and timely delivery of cargo to destinations.  

Professional Transportation of Oversized Cargo: As a professional rail logistics provider, we specialize in transporting oversized cargo. Whether for factory relocations or project shipments, we provide reliable transportation solutions and end-to-end tracking services to ensure safe transportation of oversized cargo.

Reliable Wagon Planning and Supplies: With extensive experience and resources, we provide reliable wagon planning and supplies. We work closely with railway companies to timely secure appropriate numbers and types of wagons to meet customers’ transportation needs.

Optimal Solutions and Premium Services: We are committed to providing optimal transportation solutions and premium services from route selection, cargo tracking, customs clearance to transportation insurance. Our professional team will work closely with customers to ensure smooth cargo shipment and afford high-standard customer support and satisfaction.

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