Third Party Quality Inspection (PSI) Services:

quality inspection

Comprehensive Testing and Verification: We provide industry-leading comprehensive testing and verification services, including inspecting the condition and weight of traded goods in transit, helping control quantity and quality and meeting regulatory requirements across different regions and markets.

Product Testing and Validation: With an international network of testing facilities and experienced professionals, we can test products to reduce risks, shorten time to market and evaluate quality, safety and performance of products according to relevant criteria of health, safety and norms.

Certification Services: Through certification, we can demonstrate to you whether your products, processes, systems or services meet domestic and international standards and norms, or meet customer-defined standards. We provide professional certification services to ensure your products meet market requirements.

Supply Chain Identification: We ensure products and services meet global standards and local regulations. With local knowledge, extensive experience and expertise across industries, our services cover the entire supply chain from raw materials to terminal consumption, providing comprehensive identification services.

quality inspection
quality inspection

Market-Leading Services: We continuously focus on customer and societal expectations, providing market-leading services. We improve quality, safety and efficiency, reducing risks and helping customers thrive in increasingly regulated markets through specialized business solutions.

Sustainable Value: Apart from services promoting sustainability, we are dedicated to sustainable development of our company. For us, sustainability does not just mean managing long-term profitable business, but also taking environmental, social and economic impacts on society into consideration. Our independent services afford important value for customers’ operations while assuring business sustainability.

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