Cross-border E-commerce Logistics (FBA Shipping)

FBA Inbound Transportation: We provide a variety of FBA inbound transportation services including sea, air, land and multimode. Whether it is FCL or LCL, we can provide reliable transportation solutions to ensure your goods arrive at the destination swiftly.

Overseas Warehouse Transshipment: We offer overseas warehouse transshipment services including flexible shipping, return and exchange, labeling and other value-added services. We are committed to providing flexible and convenient transshipment services for customers so that your goods can quickly enter the overseas markets.

Overseas Customs Clearance: We provide compliant import customs clearance services including payment of tariffs and duties. Our professional team will ensure your goods smoothly pass through overseas customs in compliance with relevant regulations.

Ocean Shipping: Our partner shipping lines include Matson, ZIM, COSCO, ONE, Evergreen, etc., providing international sea freight services. With front-end shipping line transportation and back-end express delivery, we cover regions including Europe, Americas and Asia, providing you with cost-effective FCL and LCL transportation services.

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Air Freight: Through front-end airline transportation and back-end express delivery, we provide comprehensive and flexible air freight services covering Europe, Americas, Asia and other regions, ensuring prompt pickup and delivery of your goods.

European Railways: We provide European rail transportation services, including trucking and UPS/DPD express delivery. Our services cover from Yiwu, Shenzhen, and Xinjiang to Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Belgium, etc. We will provide normal transit time transportation and pickup services for you.

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