Maersk Announces Resumption of Bookings to Baltimore

It has been announced that Maersk has released a notice declaring the resumption of new bookings for the Port of Baltimore on the U.S. East Coast. Maersk stated that as part of ongoing efforts to reopen direct services to Baltimore, plans are in place to resume bookings for the port in upcoming sailings.

The following voyages are now open for booking:

Maersk noted that bookings for transatlantic service TP12 and exports from Baltimore have not yet been reopened. The company stated, “Once we have more information about the navigational status of the vessels deployed on these services, we will reopen bookings.”

Bookings for cargo from Asia to Baltimore have been reopened, subject to availability of space. The vessels AGAS and AMEX are now open for bookings, as they can use the limited passage at Fort McHenry, which is currently not accessible to vessels operating on transpacific or transatlantic services.

Maersk highlighted that the situation at the Port of Baltimore remains unstable, and bookings are dependent on available space. The shipping line added in their statement, “Our ability to dock at Baltimore will ultimately depend on the timing of the salvage operations and the formal reopening of the port or a previously closed alternative channel.”

Furthermore, Maersk added that if conditions do not permit large vessels to dock at Baltimore, ships might be redirected to another port on the U.S. East Coast.

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