Receipt and inspection of imported goods

Customs clearance of imported goods Finding a professional customs broker for customs clearance Prepare all relevant documents in advance for customs inspection. Patience in completing the necessary customs procedures and expediting customs clearance.

Inspection and quarantine of imported goods Perform the necessary inspection and quarantine according to the commodity category. Cooperate with the inspection and quarantine departments to do a good job of sample sampling work Passing inspection and quarantine before being released for import.

Warehousing of imported goods You can choose your storage, you can also find professional warehouse storage Manage inbound and outbound storage and keep imported goods in good condition Storage should pay attention to temperature, humidity, and other storage conditions.

●Sales and after-sales Developing sales plans and selecting sales channels Pre-sales preparation and training of the sales team Provide product information and conduct marketing activities. Do a good job of after-sales service, the establishment of customer feedback mechanism.

Follow-up replenishment and cooperation Feedback with vendors on sales and determine subsequent replenishment plans. Maintaining cooperative relationships with suppliers Restructuring of imported goods based on actual sales.

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