Most frequently imported products from China

As the “factory of the world,” China has a well-developed supply chain and rich manufacturing experience. The products most imported from China include: bulk consumer electronics, such as cell phones, computers, and televisions; various types of furniture, kitchenware, and daily necessities; children’s toys and models; apparel and textiles; and industrial equipment and parts. In recent years, imports of toys and games have grown the fastest, largely due to China’s design innovation and cost advantages.

Top 10 export categories in China during 2012-2022:

●Electrical and electronic products:China is the world’s largest producer of electronic products

●Machinery and equipment: Including industrial machine tools, transmissions, industrial robots, etc.

●Textiles and clothing:China is the world’s largest producer of textiles and garments

●Children’s toys

●Furniture:China’s furniture manufacturing industry is well developed, and internationally recognized brands have set up factories in China

●Footwear: China is the world’s top footwear producer and exporter

●Luminaire lighting

●Pharmaceuticals: Chinese patent medicines and Chinese herbal medicines have a strong market demand in Europe and the United States, and are China’s traditional advantageous industries


●Chemical products

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