Choosing the mode of transportation is an important part of the import process. Different modes of transportation differ in terms of speed, cost, and transportation restrictions. The most appropriate mode of transportation should be selected according to the specific situation.

  1. Air transportation

Airfreight is the fastest way of transportation, usually, it takes only 1-3 days for the goods to arrive. Its main advantage is that it is fast and can greatly reduce logistics time. However, the cost of air transportation is also the highest, usually 5-10 times more than sea transportation. It is suitable for small volume, light weight, and high-value goods.

  1. Sea freight transportation

Maritime transportation is inexpensive and the most economical way to transport bulk commodities. It generally takes 1-2 months to travel from most ports in China to major ports around the world. Attention should be paid to determining the shipment schedule in advance to arrange production and shipment.

  1. Rail transportation

The cost of railroad transportation is between sea transportation and air transportation, and the time is also in the middle of the two. The China-Europe liner provides railroad transportation service from China to Europe. It is more suitable for the transportation of electronic products, machinery and equipment, and other high-value goods.

  1. Express transportation

Express can provide the fastest door-to-door shipping service. Usually, it can be delivered in about 2-4 days. It is suitable for the transportation of documents or samples with high value and high time requirement.

It is recommended to choose the most suitable mode of transportation or use different modes of reasonable transportation arrangements or look for a professional international logistics company to help arrange the entire transportation links. They can provide the best solution.

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