What is an FBA ID?

FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is Amazon’s service enabling sellers to outsource storage, packaging, and shipping of their products.

An FBA ID is a unique identifier given to each shipment under the FBA program.

In instances where a seller opts to split their shipment, each segment is assigned a distinct FBA ID. Shipments identified with an FBA ID are processed through an FBA warehouse for storage and packaging.

What is an FBA ID?

The Importance of Amazon’s Shipment ID

When a seller’s shipment is broken into multiple parts, each receives a separate shipment ID. This ID is exclusive to each shipment and aids Amazon in allocating the right warehouse for your goods.

The shipment ID is crucial for Amazon to accurately identify and route your shipment to the appropriate warehouse location.

Amazon Shipment ID vs. Amazon Reference ID

Amazon’s shipment ID and reference ID are essentially the same.

Both are sequences of numbers designated by Amazon for FBA shipments, serving to track and manage these shipments within their warehouses.

Locating Your Amazon Reference ID

Your Amazon Reference ID can be easily located on the Amazon Seller Central website in three simple steps.

First, select ‘replenish inventory’ on the site.

Next, at the bottom of the ensuing page, click ‘work on shipment’.

Your Amazon Reference ID, along with your FBA ID, can be found on this ‘work on shipment’ page. Each ‘work on shipment’ action generates both a reference ID and an FBA ID.

Consolidating Shipments at a Single Amazon Fulfillment Center

To attempt shipment consolidation at a single fulfillment center, enroll in Amazon’s “Inventory Placement Service”.

However, this service doesn’t guarantee that Amazon will not divide your shipment across multiple centers.

It allows for different units of the same product to be assigned to a single fulfillment center.

Selecting a Specific Fulfillment Center for Your Shipment

Sellers cannot specify their preferred fulfillment center. Amazon solely decides the most suitable fulfillment center for your products.

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