According to reports, on December 27, Danish shipping giant Maersk announced on its official website that in the coming weeks, dozens of its cargo ships will return to the Suez Canal and Red Sea routes. Additionally, Maersk indicated that the specific timetable may still change, depending on the emergency plans that may be formulated in the next few days.

In the announcement, Maersk listed the resumption details for 154 ships involving Asia-Europe and Middle East routes. Among these, 59 ships will continue to pass through the Suez Canal, while another 95 ships will navigate around the Cape of Good Hope.

Source: Maersk Official Website


The resumption of Red Sea services is significant positive news for the shipping market. As a leading giant in the shipping industry, Maersk’s every move is closely watched. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty from the announcement of resumption to the actual navigation of the ships. The situation needs to be dynamically assessed based on the actual circumstances of the Houthi armed forces, and a rerouting plan may be initiated again if necessary.

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