Belgium is facing another strike, with thousands of parcels being held up at Liège Airport. The customs officers have launched an intense strike, expected to last until January 8th, as they work slowly in protest against the reduction of night-time benefits set for 2024.
Since the strike began, around 40 million parcel declarations have been made, with over 4,000 parcels now waiting for inspection. This strike is more severe than previous ones.

Belgian customs receive 50 tons of parcels daily, but the ongoing strike is slowing down the delivery process. According to overseas notifications, the strike is expected to continue until January 8th.

The most significant impact of the strike so far is the increased rate of inspections, and due to the customs officers’ work-to-rule action, inspections are not being arranged promptly, directly extending the time for inspected goods.

The Belgian customs strike is leading to a shortage of staff overseas, which will affect the efficiency of goods clearance and inspection!

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