How can I reduce the international shipping cost of products while buying from amazon and other such sites?

1. Group Purchases from the Same Seller: Whenever possible, try to buy multiple items from the same seller. Consolidating your purchases from one seller allows them to ship all your products together, reducing shipping costs. For instance, shipping two pieces of clothing in separate shipments might cost more than combining them into a single package.

2. Opt for Cost-effective Logistics Channels: If your purchase isn’t urgent, consider planning your shopping in advance. Longer delivery times often come with cheaper shipping costs. Balancing shipping costs and shipping time can help you make more budget-friendly decisions.

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4. Utilize Shipping Agents for Multiple Purchases: If you intend to buy products from different sellers, consider using a shipping agent. With this approach, various sellers ship their goods to your shipping agent‘s address. The agent then consolidates all the items into one shipment, resulting in significant shipping cost savings.

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